Modern office park in Bedfordview officially launched

19 March 2018

The modern HQ Bedfordview in Gauteng Province, South Africa has been officially launched. It sets high standards for design, sustainable technology and concrete waterproofing.Farquharson Construction was the company behind the mammoth project. The development comprises of three individual twin blocks, each four stories tall and surrounded by a landscaped park and common areas. It also includes an underground parking for over 300 cars. HQ Bedfordview has offices ranging in size from 140 m² to 8,000 m².The US-based Penetron System provided long-term durability for all exposed and below-grade concrete. Additionally, their crystalline products were used on all six buildings and the underground parking decks of the complex.

Clive Leader, Director of Penetron South Africa confirmed said that the projects showcases future-oriented, sustainable technologies which are still relatively rare for South African office parks.“Similar to the Alice Lane Office Park in Sandton, also a successful Penetron solution, the HQ Bedfordview site is a showcase project with future-oriented, sustainable technologies still relatively rare for South African office parks,’ he said.

Numerous energy efficient systems have equally been incorporated into the tremendous design, they include; LED lighting, motion sensors and heat pumps. Other advanced features include cutting edge IT and security systems, and uninterrupted power generators.Penetron develops cementitious waterproofing products and additives to create an optimal crystalline technology. Today, their products are present globally in over 60 countries through qualified distributors and applicators.

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