thyssenkrupp Service Centre completes Sasol’s Twistdraai Export Plant’s ROM Bridge Reclaimer Revamp project

15 October 2021

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions South Africa’s Service Centre recently successfully completed a ROM (Run Of Mine) Bridge Reclaimer revamp project for Sasol’s Twistdraai Export Plant. The order was secured in January 2021 and thyssenkrupp commenced with the project in mid-June 2021. Owing to thyssenkrupp’s experience and knowledge, expert capabilities, thorough planning skills and understanding of mitigating downtime for a production plant, the Reclaimer was back in operation on time in September 2021.  

thyssenkrupp shares a longstanding relationship with Sasol, dating back to 1979 when the first Stackers and Drum Reclaimers were supplied. The Bridge Reclaimer was first commissioned at Sasol’s Twistdraai Export Plant during the mid-nineties in response to a growing export demand for high quality thermal coal.

The revamped a ROM Bridge Reclaimer for Sasol’s Twistdraai Export Plant.

The thyssenkrupp Service Centre based in Chloorkop, Johannesburg, specializes in the servicing of coal handling equipment including two thyssenkrupp Reclaimers and Stackers at Twistdraai Export Plant. thyssenkrupp is also a key service provider to Sasol Coal Supply East and West as well as the Ash Handling Plant. The Service Centre‘s comprehensive offering includes regular consultations, revamps, overhauling, sub-assembly, spare parts as well as technical support. 

Scope of work

Costa Hormovas, Account Manager (Mpumalanga Province) at thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions South Africa, discusses the revamp project on the Bridge Reclaimer. “The scope of work was initially determined by our Project Engineers with the assistance of our Field Service Technicians and finalized in collaboration with the customer. We supplied new parts including Chain Guides and Liners, Chain Link Assembly, Scraper Blades and Guide Rollers. We also refurbished the Travel Guide Bogies, Chain Drive, Take-up Assembly, Rakes and Towers. Once the parts were installed, the equipment was commissioned and the machine was put back into operation on time.”

The OEM from the first

Lisema Monare, Project Engineer at Sasol Mining, Twistdraai Export Plant, affirms that thyssenkrupp as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of their Stacking and Reclaiming equipment has always enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with Sasol Mining. “Armed with an in-depth understanding of the technology, thyssenkrupp is able to provide sound engineering solutions during problem solving.”

“Equally important, the thyssenkrupp team also understands that in an operations environment time is money; ensuring equipment readiness for production is therefore paramount in keeping downtime to an absolute minimum,” stresses Monare. He lauds the thyssenkrupp Field Service Technicians on their vast knowledge which goes a long way in minimizing equipment downtime.

thyssenkrupp scope of work on Bridge Reclaimer revamp included new parts supply & refurbishment of Travel Guide Bogies, Rakes, etc.

Two overhauls simultaneously

Monare also worked on another successful major overhaul project completed by thyssenkrupp on their Product Portal Reclaimer. “Major overhauls such as these take an enormous amount of planning before spanner time”, states Monare. “For me one of the biggest benefits of working with thyssenkrupp is that they fully understand that we are a production operation and therefore know that critical equipment simply cannot go on overhaul for too long a period. The thyssenkrupp team managed both major overhauls with flexibility, extending working hours, working over weekends, etc., to ensure that our equipment is back in production as soon as possible. This can only be achieved through meticulous planning and sheer dedication from the project team.”    

According to Monare, after sales support and ongoing consultations are vital due to the complex and often times unique nature of mining projects. “thyssenkrupp ensured that all product support related work was provided with the commissioning of the two overhaul projects. This goes a long way in ensuring that the highest stand of quality is realized before leaving site.” Hormovas concludes, “The value of our services lies in the fact that we ensure customer satisfaction by ensuring timeous completion of the project, backed by OEM warranties on parts and workmanship. Our objective is to ensure equipment reliability and availability in order to mitigate breakdowns in the future, subsequently maximizing safe production for our valued customer.”              

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