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Concrete Trends Issue 3 2021 – An industry re-forms

09 September 2021

Concrete Trends Issue 3 2021 is LIVE!

It has been tough times for all of us, and the pandemic is far from over, but in South Africa, we have good reason to feel optimistic. The third edition of Concrete Trends carries the energy of a new start, of people talking and creating and co-operating. And of the power of industry events – both online and in person.

As a nation, we can hold our heads up high for having a judicial system that holds former presidents to account. However, the usual ‘ill-health’ that Zuma released on 5 September is major cause for concern. Pictures of the robust destroyer of our economy and institutions will soon surface. But his trial continues, and we must all maintain pressure to see the courts punish him for his actual crimes, not simply missing his court dates.

Constructive construction | Concrete Trends

The role of political will in the activities that drive the Concrete Industry is far more important than it should be. But we have seen some positive turns, and Concrete Trends is on the lookout for the opportunities and trends that will support the businesses, contractors and suppliers so important to us all.

You – the professionals in concrete – are our most important concern. We wish to thank you for keeping on keeping on, and our aim is to help unlock opportunities and provide the trends that help your businesses grow.

The Big 5 Dubai – So much more to explore

This edition has a big focus on The Big 5 Construction & Building Show, kicking off in Dubai this Sunday, 12 September. It is the biggest such show of its kind in the world, and its online offering is rich with information, ideas, inspiration, innovations and project leads that just can’t be missed. Online registration is quick and easy, and soon you will be making new contacts, and getting the full scope of what is possible in a globalised industry. This is exciting stuff, and I cannot urge you more to explore.

Closer to home, we have features on concrete flooring, women in construction, health and safety and innovations in ready-mix.

Make Concrete Trends more than just a once-off read; use this website, and let it take you on a journey of opportunities beyond what was once possible just a few years ago. We are populating this website with the tools and partners to guide your businesses to their full potential. We are about concrete, the whole world of concrete, and it is a world as big as you want it to be.

Concrete Trends issue 4 is our Directory Edition – we are putting together the HOT SPOTS of DEMAND, and profiling projects and areas of demand that are highly product specific. We are also finding the qualities that can make the difference between new business or not, from sustainability to regional efficiencies. We embrace a broad community, and no matter, we are on the lookout for you. Click here to find out how be featured in this annual edition.

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