29 May 2024

Maerua Mall in Windhoek, Namibia is being reconfigured and refurbished for a complete transformation. The 61 500 m2 GLA existing centre’s reconfiguration has been designed by retail specialists MDS Architecture for owners Oryx. Construction is currently under way and expected to be completed towards the end of 2024.

Aki Savva, partner at MDS Architecture, says the refurbishment will ensure that the multi-level centre is contemporary and inviting. “Maerua Mall includes shopping as well as an office block and cinema. There have been a few ad-hoc additions over the years, and we wanted to give Maerua Mall a fresh identity that pulls all its aspects together,” he says.

Colour coding

 The various sections of the mall have been categorised and colour coded according to the climatic regions of Namibia, including Caprivi, Central Highlands, Kalahari, Great Ridge and Namib.

The first phase, the Central Highlands, features a new upgraded entrance with grandeur and a new offering. There is a new open piazza area and additional restaurants, offering greater visibility for motorists and much more inviting scenes for pedestrians.

Wooden slats are a strong feature. There is no vehicular access in this area to ensure that pedestrians feel safe and at ease. The designed timber slats are complemented by greenery and rocks, in keeping with the Central Highland theme and bringing a natural softness to the urban space. To create visual interest in the contemporary design, materials are exposed, including i-beams, timber and concrete.

“This was a complex reconfiguration,” says Savva, “Existing rocks are being reused and will feature prominently. There are several changes in elevation and the planting is low maintenance and fits with the earthy colour palette and stone tiles. The vertical timber slats draw your eyes to the vertical lines, and serve to contrast the organic, rounded forms evident in the design.

Professional team

Architect:                                            MDS Architecture

Namibian architect:                           Jacques Swart Architects

Project Manager:                               Metrum Project Management

Quantity Surveyor:                             Aequim QS

Civil and Structural Engineer:           WCE Namibia

Electrical Engineer:                            Power Partners

Fire Engineers:                                   Power Partners

Mechanical Engineer:                        Power Partners

Main contractor:                                 Afrideca


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