Namibia: US $9.5m Trekkopje solar project operational

04 October 2018

The US $9.5m Trekkopje solar project in Namibia, funded by Bank Windhoek in conjunction with the Enertronica Group in now operational.

The solar project which was constructed by the Enertronica Group, a multinational industrial company specialising in renewable energy is part of the development of solar parks in the country.

Although the output from the plant is dedicated to feeding into the NamPower grid, Enertronica Group has committed to building three smaller solar technology facilities to serve schools of the surrounding communities. The solar project will have a life span of 25 years which is anticipated to be even longer after it is revamped.

“The project has a combined output of 5.78 MW but we expect it to be a bit higher because of the high performance of the technology adopted for this specific plant. This is the first plant where Enertronica Group’s patented trackers are mounted on the structure which means that the modules will follow the sun during the day, optimising the already high irradiation,” said Dr Maurizio Decinti, lead consultant to the project.

Optimising renewable energy opportunities is critical for the development of Namibia and together with partnerships such as this one, a great impact can be made and prove that things can be done in cleaner and environmentally friendly ways.

Enertronica is a small multinational company present in markets where the renewable energy sector is growing. 

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