Sponsoring category in 2018 Eco-Logic Awards reflects Afrisam’s values

08 May 2018

Conserving the earth for future generations has always been part of AfriSam’s DNA. The sponsorship of the Biodiversity Category in the 2018 Eco-Logic Awards reflects core values and is in line with the company’s mission of creating concrete possibilities.

The Enviropaedia Eco-Logic Awards, introduced in 2011, are designed to recognise individuals, organisations and communities that positively contribute towards a sustainable world. The awards offer opportunities for individuals and organisations to enter services, projects or products to compete in 13 environmental categories.

With one of its core values as “Planet”, AfriSam works hard to minimise its carbon footprint through various initiatives and has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability through significant investment in the research and development of processes that enable it to produce products efficiently. The company is considered the ‘green’ leader in the industry.

The award in the Biodiversity Category, sponsored by AfriSam, recognises an organisation’s success in a protection, rehabilitation and mitigation programme and applauds the work in contributing positively to the environment. It is closely linked to the organisation’s own in-house efforts and the work it has done over the years.

As a leading supplier of construction materials, AfriSam recognised the importance of a focused approach in conservation efforts. The company published its first environmental policy in 1994; an industry first at the time and since then has made significant strides towards environmental sustainability in the areas of energy optimisation, emission reduction, optimal use of resources and rehabilitation of its old mining sites.

“This event is perfectly aligned to our value of ‘Planet’ that defines who we are and what we are passionate about as a business,” says Richard Tomes, sales and marketing executive at AfriSam. “The awards give us a platform from which we can showcase our efforts, learn from each other and encourage more action from all stakeholders. We are the custodians of this earth and we need to do all that is in our power to advance this cause and mitigate the damage already done.”

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