15 June 2024

From left, Mr Majola, principal of Ningizimu Special School), with Theolan Govender, AfriSam Regional Manager, officially open the new classrooms.

AfriSam, a leading construction materials company, has completed a project to enhance the learning environment at Ningizimu Special School in Durban. The initiative involved the construction of three new classrooms and the renovation of the school’s ablution facilities. The upgraded facilities will greatly benefit the Grade R to Grade 6 learners with special education needs who attend the school.

Ningizimu Special School is dedicated to providing quality education and support to learners with special needs. The school plays a crucial role in the community, ensuring that every child has access to inclusive education and the opportunity to reach their full potential. Recognising the importance of this institution, AfriSam took on the responsibility of improving the school’s infrastructure to create a conducive learning environment.

The construction of the three new classrooms allows the school to accommodate more learners with special needs and for these learners to have more room to engage in interactive and collaborative learning activities.

In addition to the new classrooms, AfriSam also renovated the ablution facilities at Ningizimu Special School. The upgraded facilities now provide a clean and hygienic environment for the learners. This improvement is essential for the students’ well-being and ensures that they have access to proper sanitation facilities throughout the school day.

Speaking about the project, Senzi Mabaso, Community Development Professional for AfriSam, said, “We are proud to have been able to contribute to the development of Ningizimu Special School. Education is a fundamental right, and every child deserves a safe and inclusive learning environment. By building the new classrooms and renovating the ablution facilities, we hope to empower the learners and enable them to thrive academically.”

The completion of this project is a testament to AfriSam’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and its dedication to making a positive impact in the communities where it operates. The company believes that investing in education is crucial for the sustainable development of society and the empowerment of future generations.

Ningizimu Special School expressed its gratitude to AfriSam for its generous support. The upgraded facilities will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the learners, enabling them to receive a quality education in an environment that fosters growth and inclusivity.

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