PODCAST: Driving the Rapid Adoption of CO2 Reduction Innovations

28 January 2021

As part of our strategic partnership with the World Cement Association, Concrete Trends is hosting a series of podcasts produced by the association. In this podcast series, the World Cement Association’s CEO, Ian Riley, talks to industry leaders, experts and technological innovators from across the globe, bringing insights and fresh perspectives on how the cement sector can decarbonise and improve sustainability.

In this, the second podcast of the series, Rob Niven, CEO of Canadian company “CarbonCure” joins Ian Riley in this podcast to discuss what start-ups in the cement and concrete industries can learn from technology company business models to drive the rapid uptake and scale-up of CO2 reduction innovations. They also discuss the possibility of carbon removal through concrete, as well as the policy and regulation needed to support the adoption of new technologies in this sector.


Cement production is responsible for approximately 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions and is possibly the hardest to abate sector.

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