03 May 2024

Caption: Motlokwe Sebake, GM for Commercial and Customer Affairs.

The Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Investments Company (ROMPCO) will showcase its contribution to fostering regional economic development through natural gas transportation at the 10th edition of the 2024 Mozambique Mining and Energy Conference (MMEC) from 2 to 3 May at the Joaquim Chissano International Conference in Maputo.

“Our participation in this significant event will allow us to engage with industry leaders to explore collaborative opportunities,” comments Motlokwe Sebake, GM for Commercial and Customer Affairs.

Mozambique’s longest running natural resource event, MMEC 2024 will take place under the theme of ‘Partnerships for Prosperity: Unlocking Mozambique’s Resources to Advance National and Regional Economic Growth’.

ROMPCO will showcase its expertise in natural gas transportation, emphasising technological advancements in pipeline infrastructure, sustainable practices in gas distribution and management and collaborative efforts to support local industrialisation and economic growth.

Sebake says MMEC 2024 is an ideal opportunity to strengthen partnerships and forge strategic alliances with government entities, industry players and potential investors to support the sustainable growth of Mozambique’s resource and energy sectors.

“We will highlight our role in facilitating regional energy infrastructure and our commitment to driving innovation and efficiency in gas transportation.” ROMPCO plans to focus on networking by engaging in meaningful discussions, exchanging insights and exploring synergies with delegates to address common challenges and opportunities in the sector.

ROMPCO will use MMEC 2024 as a platform to enhance its visibility and engagement within the mining, oil and gas and energy sectors. “We will demonstrate thought leadership by participating in panel discussions and knowledge-sharing sessions, host networking events to foster connections and dialogue with industry peers and highlight our success stories and case studies that have contributed to the sector’s development,” says Sebake.

ROMPCO’s focus spans across the entire value chain of the mining, oil and gas and energy sectors. “However, we are particularly interested in engaging with stakeholders involved in natural gas exploration, production, distribution and utilisation, as well as those driving infrastructure development and sustainability initiatives within these sectors,” concludes Sebake.

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