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22 June 2022

By Jan de Beer on behalf of the Cement & Concrete SA (CCSA)

Cement & Concrete SA (CCSA) is now calling for abstracts for papers for next year’s YCRETS 2023, the second Young Concrete Researchers, Engineers and Technologists (YCRETS) symposium. The forum was established by CCSA in 2021 for young individuals involved in research, design, and application of concrete and cementitious-based materials.

YCRETS 2023 will be a live event in June next year, hosted by the University of Stellenbosch. The deadline for abstracts of papers – to be peer reviewed by an authoritative Scientific Committee – is October 12, 2022. Researchers who will be 35 years of age, or younger, in 2023 are eligible to participate.

Hanlie Turner, Business Development Manager of CCSA, says: “The theme of YCRETS 2023 will be ‘Circularity’, with the focus on research by young people into the importance of a circular economy in construction, particularly cement and concrete. This is a subject that cannot be over-emphasised to ensure that concrete retains its position as the world’s most widely used construction material. We are seeking papers that will highlight how innovation, materials, design, analysis, and durability contribute and augment cement and concrete’s important role in the circular economy. These five subjects, in fact, form the sub-themes of YCRETS 2023.”

Turner says YCRETS 2021 – the first of the CCSA research symposia – had proved enormously successful and ensured extended and prominent exposure for all the participants. Papers covering diverse areas of research by young people from countries such as South Africa, Germany, India, Nigeria, Namibia, Finland and Sudan, were presented at the event which had to be virtually staged because of Covid-19 lockdown regulations. Applicants selected to present papers at YCRETS 2023 will next year present their research work in person. “We are pleased that the University of Stellenbosch has undertaken to host YCRETS 2023 which will reinforce CCSA’s commitment to combining all resources for the future of cement and concrete. Networking at a symposium such as this, and membership of professional bodies such as CCSA, are important tools for young people to join a respected network of professionals and be noticed and regarded as a global influencer,” she states.

Proposed abstracts of up to 200 words should be e-mailed to [email protected]. The Scientific Committee for YCRETS 2023 will by December 7 this year announce which abstracts have been accepted for submission of full papers by March 3, 2023.

The abstract and full paper template can be downloaded from the YCRETS 2023 website https://cemcon-sa.org.za/ycrets2023/ which has full details about the Symposium.

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