Samson’s technology meets the need for improved-performance concrete floors

Changing industry needs require new approaches to concrete floor surface treatment. 

Increased density, abrasion and chemical resistance are often needed in today’s industrial world. Samson Technologies has responded to these needs by the introduction of triple blend binders, polymers and crystalline waterproofing applied as a dry-shake surface hardener without the cost of treating the entire slab on grade. 

The food processing industry, for example, often requires more than the characteristics offered by untreated concrete, such as resistance to mild acid attack and chemical washing. Health regulations require inhibition of bacterial growth, which is common in untreated concrete.   

Abrasion resistance is a function of surface strength. Dry-shakes will more than double the surface strength of commonly used concrete mixes in the construction industry. This is achieved without the cost of excessive strengths not required for structural engineering demands. 

Dry-shake technology has been used internationally for many years. Samson’s technological advantage has enabled the South African product to be favoured above international competitors. A major international furniture chain selected Samson MBFT Dry-Shake for construction of its stores. 

Light reflectivity of concrete can be altered by the use of dry-shakes in order to provide more effective use of available lighting. A surface treated floor is easier to clean, which is a cost and time saver.  

Samson’s technology has also improved product reliability and ease of application for the overlayment of existing concrete floors. Delamination of toppings is common, and Samson has developed a systems approach which provides improved site success. Overlayments are required for differing reasons such as rain damage during construction, and in service, mechanical breakdown of floors. Samson provides a range of overlayment solutions suited to individual causes.  

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