24 April 2024

Caption: SCP P3 Industrial reduces or even prevents drying shrinkage cracks.

Spraylock Concrete Protection’s unique SCP technology was deployed as a curing compound for an about 600m² shotcrete application at a new Improvon commercial development in Meadowview, Linbro Park.

The colloidal silica post-placement pozzolan (P3) technology was specified by Dustin Strever, the only American Shotcrete Association-certified Shotcrete Inspector in South Africa and owner of Shotcrete Africa Sprayed Concrete Professionals. Shotcrete Africa Sprayed Concrete Professionals, a leading professional shotcrete and gunite specialist, was appointed by GeoCiv Group, which is constructing the shotcrete retaining wall on the site, to apply the shotcrete.

“Our client required a superior quality finish. Providing unmatched ability as a curing compound, SCP P3 Industrial reduces or even prevents drying shrinkage cracks, while also waterproofing and enhancing the durability of wood-floated shotcrete surfaces. It is always a challenge curing vertical walls effectively to avoid drying shrinkage cracks caused by sun and especially wind. Traditional curing compounds are yet to meet our exact requirements for these typical applications. SCP may cost more than traditional products on the market, but knowing I can guarantee a superior finish with this technology makes it well worth the upfront investment. I, therefore, again insisted on its use for this specific application,” Strever says.

SCP penetrates deeply (min 38mm) within accessible pore structures. It then reacts with the available calcium hydroxide providing a longer Calcium Silicate Hydrate (C-S-H) chain. Once this reaction has taken place, SCP fills the capillaries rather than blocking them.

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