New precast admixture range from CHRYSO

08 May 2018

CHRYSO Southern Africa has released a new end-to-end range of concrete admixtures specifically for dry and semi-dry precast applications.

“Each product in this range meets high performance levels in terms of concrete compaction, mechanical strength and aesthetic quality,” says Hannes Engelbrecht, GM inland sales, CHRYSO Southern Africa.

The range includes CHRYSO® Alpha for all dry and semi-dry precast applications and specific admixtures for blocks (CHRYSO® Alpha Block), paving stones (CHRYSO® Alpha Pave), kerbs (CHRYSO® Alpha K), and pipes and hollow slabs (CHRYSO® Alpha T).

For even higher performance ratios – unrivalled in the market – the company has developed CHRYSO® Alpha Block L540, CHRYSO® Alpha K216 and CHRYSO® Alpha Pave 305.

The company has also introduced a new range of efflorescence reducers called CHRYSO® Alpha Color 600, 300 and 100.

CHRYSO has also pioneered an array of immediate mould-release products and services in its CHRYSO® Dem range, which is designed to meet any precast and construction requirements.

“The new range enables manufacturers to reduce total cost of ownership: precast paving manufacturers can optimise total cementitious contents, while reducing pigment dosages and still produce quality paving blocks. Producers can also expect improved aesthetics better colour stability, intensities and swipe and increased output in production as well as reduced energy consumption,” says Engelbrecht.

Engelbrecht says CHRYSO Southern Africa’s team of technical experts is always available to offer advice and provide superior formulations that integrate into customers’ manufacturing processes. Backing this service is in-house laboratory support, ensuring that solutions deliver the best cost-performance ratio. A colour lab can also assist with tailored colour requirements.

“Our innovative, hi-tech approach includes the conducting of material diagnostics for the customer, analysing their requirements to find the right products in our dry-cast concrete range that will best suit their process and provide the optimal performance,” he says.

The new CHRYSO® products use latest-generation molecules to achieve unprecedented performance levels.

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