17 November 2021

A stabiliser specifically designed for pervious concrete, CHRYSO® EasyDrain  is perfectly adapted to concrete with low fluidity. This technology eliminates the constraints traditionally associated with batching, transporting and placing of pervious concrete, while improving performance and quality. By controlling hydration reaction, CHRYSO® EasyDrain extends the workability of concrete, while also fluidising the pervious concrete to facilitate its placement.

Key benefits to customers include improved cost effectiveness, as trucks can be loaded faster to full capacity making transport more affordable as well as reducing the CO2 footprint associated with the delivery of concrete to construction sites.  Concrete is also easier to handle and place, being more fluid and homogenous. In addition, there is greater durability, with less risk of cracking and aggregate ravelling.

CHRYSO® EasyDrain allows customers to take full advantage of the outstanding qualities of pervious concrete, which are its high performance and high drainage capacity of rainwater.

As well as achieving full truck loads, concrete suppliers can discharge concrete trucks faster with no need for water reducers or cohesion agents. Contractors enjoy the faster discharge and easier placing that CHRYSO® EasyDrain  provides as well as the improved surface finish that is possible with high workability. Contractors can also install curing membranes quicker and significantly reduce associated costs that includes time and labour cost benefits.

Project owners in turn will appreciate the greater drainage that their pervious concrete achieves, along with its enhanced aesthetic finish and improved durability.

CHRYSO® EasyDrain can contribute to a wide range of pervious concrete applications, including light traffic roads, car parks, terraces, garden paths, swimming pool surrounds, cycle paths and pedestrian ways.

The CHRYSO® EasyDrain solution involves specific concrete mix design criteria with the use of complementary admixtures that improve the quality and performance of pervious concrete.

Project reference includes the WBHO Vlakfontein reservoir project where the use of CHRYSO EasyDrain was specified to improve the quality of pervious concrete. Several other admixture solutions were also supplied by CHRYSO  to this project site including CHRYSO Serenis (shrinkage reducing admixture) and  CHRYSO CWA 10 (crystalline water proofing admixture) as well as CHRYSO Omega 178 new generation admixture to improve the water reduction properties as well as achieve the concrete strength requirements of the specific concrete mix design.

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