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M&D Construction Group gives pensioner and her three sons a house that they can call home

17 December 2020

M&D Construction Group, a leading multi-disciplinary construction company, continues to invest in many communities where the company operates as part of its ongoing corporate-social investment drive.

A case in point is the complimentary house that the company recently built for Marriam Mokgotho, a pensioner residing in Vosloorus.

Mokgotho used to stay in a makeshift dwelling with her three unemployed sons on a small plot of land located close to one of the contractor’s social housing development projects. It provided less than adequate shelter for the family, which also did not have access to electricity and a convenient supply of water.

The house was completed in 2018, and Mokgotho agreed to allow M&D to use it for site offices and administration, and to hand it to her once the contractor had completed the social housing project.

As part of the arrangement, the family was temporarily relocated to an apartment in the area and for which M&D paid rent. Mokgotho also earned rent from the contractor for use of her land throughout the duration of the project.

The 13,5m x 24m house has a tiled roof and tiled floors, and five bedrooms, as well as fully functioning bathrooms, a kitchen and garages. It received a fresh coat of paint to ensure that it was in tip-top condition to be handed over to the family.

Notably, Mokgotho’s old dwelling was also preserved for sentimental value considering that it was built by her late husband, Johannes Mokgotho, many years ago. Located at the back of the new house, it serves as a reminder of her husband’s love and unwavering dedication to his family.

“It was an absolute pleasure seeing the look on Marriam’s face when we told her about our plans to build her a house. Now well into her 60s, she has struggled throughout her life, never having lived in a formal house, while continuing to support her three sons with a modest grant. As such, the M&D team is very proud to have built her a house that she can call her home, and we hope that this will provide her with some relief,” Dinesh Rampersad, Civil Engineer at M&D, says.

The house was handed over to Mokgotho on 8 December 2020 by Group Commercial Director, Chris Porter, who said it was a privilege for M&D to assist and support local communities wherever it can. Marriam accepted the keys and thanked God, M&D and the site team for providing her with her new home.

Rukesh Raghubir, CEO of M&D, says that this is just one example of the company’s ongoing commitment to communities located within its project footprint.

“M&D continues to build strong relationships with communities as critical participants in our projects. This focus on developing partnerships is enshrined in our Khula Nathi motto that has been so instrumental to our success and rapid growth over the years. It transcends serving as a ‘bigger brother’ to smaller construction companies by also helping those in need wherever and whenever we can,” Raghubir concludes.

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