29 April 2024

Caption: The beauty of concrete: a photo provided by the CCSA

The following is a statement issued by Cement & Concrete SA:

The Board of Cement & Concrete SA (CCSA), the industry body that has been advancing world class quality and environmentally friendly cement as well as concrete products for the local industry, has unfortunately decided to finally close this non-profit organisation and de-register it from the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in line with its Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI).

Since its initial establishment 86 years ago (in 1938) as the Concrete Association of South Africa, this industry body has transitioned and gone through numerous name changes and closures over the years. For a number of years, the broader construction industry has faced challenges due to a significant reduction in infrastructure investment in South Africa. A final attempt was made in March 2021 to strengthen the various industry bodies within the sector by consolidating what was then known as The Concrete Institute (TCI) with the Concrete Society of Southern Africa (CCSA) as well as the Association of Cementitious Material Producers (ACMP) into what is now known as Cement & Concrete SA.

Having consolidated the industry bodies after the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, it was anticipated that running CCSA would be much more affordable. The unforeseen and continued lack of investment in infrastructure in our country unfortunately put further strain on the cement industry, hence the decision to wind-down CCSA with effect of 1 April 2024.

Whilst CCSA acknowledges the impact of its closure on several of its stakeholders, including staff, suppliers, construction companies, School of Concrete Technology students, universities and research institutions and many others, honouring commitments and executing a smooth process is a key part of our values.

It is against this context and background that we regrettably decided to cancel the much-anticipated Fulton Awards for 2024. Any fees paid for participation will be refunded to the respective entrants.

On behalf of the judging panel, we would like to extend our commendations to all entrants for submitting excellent projects for consideration. The quality and innovation demonstrated in these entries are a testament to remarkable achievements within the industry.

Amongst all the valued contributions made by the industry to the citizens of this country and our African continent, one that stands out is learning and skills development opportunities that were offered by the School of Concrete Technology. This institution offered basic concrete skills as well as advance concrete technology skills that allowed individuals access to membership at the internationally recognised Institute of Concrete Technology, and significantly advanced the career opportunities for many, especially those who successfully completed their Advanced Concrete Technology Diploma. Whilst we have taken a decision to freeze any further intakes for new courses, we would like to confirm that we are considering various options to ensure that this valued institution remains accessible in some kind of form in the future.

More detailed information will be communicated on how the school is looking to accommodate and support the current group of students who are looking to conclude their courses and examinations where required. Further detailed information pertaining to the future of the school will be communicated at the appropriate time.

The Board of Directors also wishes to extend its heartfelt appreciation to the current CEO, Mr. Bryan Perrie, the entire leadership team and all the loyal and competent staff members for their service to the industry and the citizens of this country during their time at CCSA. The unfortunate closure no doubt has a severe impact on those who rely on this industry body to earn a living. In line with our values and policies related to employment, all options and opportunities will first be discussed and evaluated before embarking on a section 189 retrenchment process in line with the Labour Relations Act.

We deeply regret this unavoidable inconvenience caused by the closure of CCSA and would like to assure all those impacted by this to please look out for updates on the status of the winding-down project or feel free to contact:

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