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06 October 2021

The Maxi Brick, from Technicrete, is a robust, cost-effective concrete brick that is particularly suited for use with single skin walls, which are often the cornerstone of affordable housing developments.

Offering a lower cost per square metre, some Maxi Bricks have a higher ash content making it lighter than a concrete brick, while still delivering a durable and quality product.

“Although the Technicrete Maxi Brick is regarded as a cost-effective product, our Maxi Bricks have been successfully applied in numerous projects and proved its durability. No short cuts are taken in its manufacturing process and the raw materials used are of the high standard associated with our products” said Sales and Marketing Director Christo van Zyl.

The brick can play an important role in the development of affordable housing in South Africa where there is a chronic housing shortage and limited funding available, as it reduces overall costs.

The Maxi Brick is not restricted to single storey affordable housing or demarcation walls, it can also be applied in the building of internal and cavity walls, boundary walls and industrial developments.

The Technicrete Maxi Brick is available in 90 mm x 290 mm x 140 mm sizings. The Maxi Brick offers a strength of 7Mpa and 14 Mpa. Currently it is available only in grey. It is recommended that the 7 MPa is used for single skin walling and the 14 Mpa used for load bearing applications.

Technicrete and Rocla are part of the Infrastructure Specialist Group of companies (ISG).

Further information is available from:

Malebusa Sebatane, Group Marketing and Communications Manager

the IS Group Tel: 011 670 7600 Cell: 078 803 9863

email: [email protected]

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