Gauteng government seeks help spending its RDP budget

22 November 2018

Gauteng Human Settlements MEC Uhuru Moiloa has plans to exhaust the RDP construction budget by the end of the financial year and he needs help. According to Moiloa, for the first time in his department’s history, more than 50% of the budget was spent in the third quarter of the financial year. He is now asking for help to ensure that the money is spent on its intended purpose.

“I make a call to South African companies which could partner with those which have been contracted, but are unable to complete their projects because of a lack of resources”. “All the money on RDP constructions should be spent. I want people to get houses…and those who we have contracted and are not completing should accept and get help,” said Moiloa.

The MEC also announced on Tuesday, that the City of Joburg approved a land release programme for a thousand hectares in the south of the city, where serviced stands will be provided. He said more land, about 5 000 ha, has been identified, which is set to benefit at least 100 000 people.

“We will service the units, ensure that there is proper development, and basic services… while people would get a chance to build acceptable homes for themselves, as opposed to waiting almost forever for RDP houses,” Moiloa said.

“We have identified government land in the Bryanston suburb area and we will build low-cost flats for our people there,” he added. Moiloa says he has plans to exhaust the budget by the end of the financial year. He assured that red tape issues have been dealt with and that companies that wish to help will get a chance to speak to the relevant authorities and it will be established if they can be linked to the contractors.

The Gauteng government’s rapid land release programme comes after pressure from communities that demanded land. 

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