Gauteng Roads and Transport: William Nicol Drive construction contract laspes

24 October 2018

The contract with Lubbe Construction (Pty) Ltd and the Department of Roads and Transport for the construction of William Nicol Drive (K46) near Diepsloot has lapsed with the effluxion of time.

The contract signed in November 2015 between the parties stipulated that the project was to have been completed in September 2017, but the road works has seen endless delays. The contract with Lubbe Construction was extended on two further occasions with the company failing to complete the project within the stipulated timeframes. In addition, Lubbe Construction had not maintained a valid Performance Guarantee for the project since November 2017.

In view of the foregoing, the Department has informed the company that there no longer exists a contract between the parties and that it will procure the services of another competent entity to complete the project. It is unfortunate that the project remains incomplete after all this time. It has caused untold inconvenience and disruption to motorists, residents and the business community in the area.

The department is committed to ensuring that the K46 road construction project is completed as soon as possible.

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