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11 May 2020

The Bargaining Council for the Civil Engineering Industry (BCCEI) has waived its administration and dispute levies for April and May 2020 in an effort to bring much needed relief to an already ailing industry sector.

Relief for the Civil Engineering Sector

The Bargaining Council for the Civil Engineering Industry (BCCEI) took an unprecedented step in April 2020 when the Council announced that it would waive the BCCEI administration and dispute levy contributions for that month. In another move aimed at bringing much needed relief to an already ailing industry sector, the BCCEI has announced that this waiver will be extended to the month of May 2020.

This is a significant gesture as the BCCEI does not receive any grants or subsidies from the government and its only source of income is through the administration and dispute levies which is received from registered companies in the civil engineering industry. These levies are used for the running and day-to-day operations of this bargaining council.

BCCEI general secretary, Nick Faasen says that the Council decided on the step as it is fully aware of the situation in which both employers and employees find themselves at this time.

“Budgets and cash flow are under immense pressure following the declaration of the National State of Disaster and the subsequent implementation of the nationwide lockdown which was further extended. We acknowledge that many people in our sector will, in all probability, have a reduced income and we believe it is essential that we work together to find ways to reduce expenses, wherever possible,” Faasen says.

The BCCEI, representing two unions and two employer organisations, provides a range of valuable services to the civil engineering sector. Currently, the Council continues to operate through non-contact methods and remains committed to prompt service delivery to the industry.

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