Atlas Copco U110PACE to set the portable air compressor pace in Egypt

08 April 2021

Specially engineered for seamless and secure integration onto a utility vehicle and featuring a compact footprint and intuitive software, the Atlas Copco U110PACE presented a highly efficient turnkey portable compressed air solution for key customer, Cobra Projects.

“When we were approached by one of our customers based in Egypt who required a specialised Cobra Pneumatic Service Truck Module compatible with a Volvo 8x4LHD chassis cab, we immediately turned to Atlas Copco for a solution,” says Gideon Arneil, Technical Sales Manager at Cobra Projects.  “We are well-known in both the local and international mining and construction industries so Cobra Projects deals only with like-minded suppliers like Atlas Copco that holds a sterling reputation in the market. This, together with the fact that we have been doing business with Atlas Copco for many years, made them our portable air compressor supplier of choice.”

“The U110PACE from Atlas Copco ticked all the capability boxes,” continues Gideon who goes on to explain that their customer stipulated that the air compressor must be self-powered using a diesel engine compressor to pneumatically power all pumps. “This configuration enables the driver/operator to dispense the product while the chassis cab can be locked out. Running the smaller compressor engine instead of the chassis cab’s larger engine will use less fuel, consequently reducing the customer’s operational costs.” Gideon also stresses that this functionality is a safety related matter given the fact that a number of mines actually insist on the chassis cab being locked out.

The U110PACE is part of Atlas Copco’s 8 Series Utility portable compressor range which features an innovative generator-like box-shape design specially developed for fitting onto utility trucks. With a 10% smaller footprint on average compared to other air compressors, this compact, lightweight air compressor can be effortlessly lifted and mounted onto service vehicles. A rugged design, rapid industry-leading service times and extended service intervals also make these machines highly suitable for other OEM applications in the mining and construction sectors.

“Our Utility range offers a textbook solution for customers and end-users that operate mobile service trucks on their plants, enabling them to attend to various tasks such as equipment breakdowns in remote areas where access to services is limited,” says Pamela Finniss, Key Account Manager: Rental Construction, at Atlas Copco Power Technique. “Integrated into the service truck, the U110PACE reliably supplies compressed air to power pneumatic tools for equipment repairs, etc. in the field.”

Taking it a step further, the smart U110PACE is fitted with PACE (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics) technology; this intuitive software gives operators access to the electric engine to control pressure and flow settings enabling them to conveniently change loads to meet the varying power requirements of the pneumatic tools. Thanks to its intuitive PACE software, the U110PACE has the capability to efficiently do the job of two compressors to serve a number of different compressed air requirements such as pumping of tyres, welding, gouging, etc. “This expedient single compressor solution delivers substantial savings on CAPEX and a rapid return on investment for customer and end-users,” notes Pamela. 

Cobra Projects took delivery of the U110PACE on 13 January 2021, only a few days from placing the order with Atlas Copco earlier that month. Cobra Projects is responsible for fitting the unit on to the utility vehicle and according to Gideon construction is in progress. He confirms that all the U110PACE specifications and parameters supplied by Atlas Copco are in line with the requirements set by Cobra Projects to ensure a proper, functional and reliable unit. “The real test will however come once the unit is commissioned and operational in Egypt and more information becomes available to us around the machine’s performance.”

In closing, Gideon compliments the service he has received from Atlas Copco. “The revalidation of the quotation was done immediately and we can rest assured in the knowledge that we can always count on Pamela’s good, professional service.”                                      

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