Angola to rehabilitate 7000km of road

23 January 2018

To interconnect the national road network in Angola, the country intends to rehabilitate 7000km of the main road network, says the DG of Angolan National Institute of Road INEA, António Resende.

The country’s road network consists of 26,000km, of which 13,600 have benefitted from rehabilitation and laying of asphalt for the first time, another 7,000 were awarded to contractors for rehabilitation and another 7000km await financing for its award and re-qualification. Out of the 7,000km of roads to be rehabilitated 4000 will be rehabilitated and asphalted for the first time.

Transport and driving in Angola are some of the most challenging aspects of living in the country. Much of the road infrastructure was destroyed and neglected during years of conflict, and despite efforts to rebuild, many of its roads are still riddled with potholes and few of them are paved.

Most roads in Angola cannot be negotiated without a four-wheel drive vehicle, and external factors like wandering livestock and heavily overloaded vehicles make driving hazardous.

The majority of companies provide a car and driver, and cover maintenance and fuel costs for their senior expat employees. Alternatively, companies may have a pool of cars and drivers available to their staff. Many companies do not even let their employees drive.

Very few people buy personal cars due to the expense; a vehicle in Angola can easily cost double what it would cost in the US. 

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