24 May 2019

The City of Cape Town on Thursday said that it will be moving forward
with plans to upgrade more hostel units in Langa as part of the next phase of
the hostel transformation programme, which will cost R320-million.

The next phase of the programme, which is set to start in 2020, will see
the construction of an estimated 660 new apartments.

The city’s Mayoral Committee Member for Human
Settlements, Councillor Malusi
Booi said roughly R250-million has been spent on the programme and
thus far 463 new apartments have been built.

“It is early days, although much work has gone into the preparation
for the next phases of the programme already. The majority of the hostels are
situated in Langa,” Booi said.

“The City hopes to have a panel of consultants in place by August
2019 to do planning for all the hostel areas within Cape Town. This panel will
look at Nyanga, Langa, Gugulethu Section 2 and Gugulethu Section 3 and develop
a holistic plan for all of these areas.”

Booi said the city will need all affected parties and stakeholders to
work with it and to act in a manner that is to the benefit of as many
beneficiaries as possible.

“We need to follow a systematic approach as we cannot do all of the
areas at the same time. The City will do everything in its power to ensure that
all processes are completed as soon as possible,” Booi said.

“Good community cooperation will be the most vital ingredient as we
go forward to bring redress to those families who were broken up, torn apart
and stripped of their dignity and humanity by the apartheid government.”

Based on a survey done in 2010, the city used an objective model to determine the priorities for the programme.

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