Angola: Health Ministry to ban poor quality construction firms from public tender

18 April 2018

The Health Ministry (Minsa) will ban from public tender all the construction and supervision companies that build sanitary facilities of poor quality, said on Saturday in Luena, eastern Moxico province, the incumbent minister, Sílvia Lutucuta.

The official advocated this stance after assessing the construction of Camanongue Regional Hospital underway in Moxico province, in which several irregularities were noted such as the settlement of the emergency room in the middle of the institution instead of the front part, besides the accessibility and other technical issues.

On the occasion, the minister accused the lack of quality of the works and non-compliance with international standards to the fact that some construction companies reach agreement with supervision officials dissuading them from playing their real role as representatives of the owner.

In addition, the minister explained that the picture faced in Camanongue municipality reflects the current scenario underway all over the country, pledging to ban all the construction companies that refuse to correct the mistakes, which should be carried out through the companies’ own resources.

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