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13 April 2023

Zutari, a leading consulting engineering and infrastructure advisory firm, has been recognised as a top employer by the Momentum Metropolitan GradStar Students’ Choice Awards 2022.

This follows the company onboarding 90 graduates in 2023 in celebration of its 90th anniversary last year. It also won first place in the Professional Services: Consulting Engineering category, the second time it has received this accolade. All 90 graduates are currently permanent employees.

Zutari Chief People Officer Dean Naidoo, says: “The intention is to say to the world that there is opportunity and talent across the business in Africa and the Middle East. We just need to embrace it and provide the platform for growth, particularly to the experienced hires and graduates coming through.”

Zutari Learning Experience Leader Shamenthree Naidoo. “It is a huge commitment. That is how much we believe in Zutari the brand. It also shows how much we believe in our industry. For the graduates who have joined us, it is a prime opportunity for them to grow and learn from the best of the best. Ultimately our support will allow them to achieve their professional registration.”

“It has been an amazing experience,” says Madeleine Venter. “There is a lot of anxiety attached to your first job and stepping out into the grown-up world. From the moment I walked into Zutari, I immediately felt like I belonged.” Barely a few weeks in and Madeleine has already been exposed to three projects. “That is something you can only find in a company like this. Zutari cares so much about its culture, employees and codes and ethics. That is what makes it a great company.”

Yaseera Vally, who joined the Rosebank office team as a member of the structural team, comments that while the induction equips the graduates for what lies ahead, the process does not end there. “Zutari has put together an amazing programme to make you feel comfortable in where you are and what to do. The company is invested in your career, wants to know where you see yourself in five to ten years, what work you enjoy doing and what your strengths and weaknesses are.”

“It is a testament to what Zutari wants to be and what we will continue to do. It is a showcase of why we really love the brand and that we believe in South Africa and in the industry. Our graduates have progression and early-on exposure in terms of engineering and professional services,” says Shamenthree.

Commenting on the GradStar Students’ Choice Awards 2022, she says that while the legacy companies are 90 years old, Zutari as a brand is only two years’ old. “The award shows that the brand is gaining recognition and momentum, which is fantastic for us from a youth development perspective.”

Dean highlights that, in addition to the graduate programme, Zutari is also taking on an additional 45 interns in March. “We cast the net wider to see what other talent and skills are in the South African market or maybe even in the Middle East.”

He concludes: “We consider ourselves a multinational practice and an inclusive employer. There is opportunity to embrace a diversity of skills and talents. When we talk about longevity and creating an impact, one has to understand that if you work for Zutari, you are connected to the purpose of the organisation and what we do. Our business is not about engineering. Our business is about people. It is about how we impact our communities and how we create further opportunities on the continent and in the places and in the environments we work in.”

Zutari graduate employee Yaseera Valley

Zutari graduate employee Madeleine Venter

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