14 February 2024

Zoomlion participating at the 2023 Big 5 Construct expo 

Zoomlion, a prominent Chinese heavy equipment company, is making significant strides in expanding its presence in the African market. With a localisation strategy and a commitment to reliable machinery, it aims to cater to the unique needs and challenges of African countries. This is Part 2 of a two-part article.

… continued from Part 1.

Gregory Bloom, area marketing manager: Zoomlion South Africa, explains that to provide efficient service, Zoomlion’s African operations are backed by the Dubai office, enabling access to additional support if required. While stock will primarily come from China, it ensures that spare parts and comprehensive customer service are readily available in the African market. It has plans to open additional branches in South Africa, starting with Cape Town.

“With an expanding footprint and a focus on delivering high-quality machinery, we’re poised to contribute to Africa’s infrastructure development and economic growth. With a comprehensive approach that includes local bases, product line managers, and tailored support, the company aims to establish a strong presence throughout the region.

The equipment sets itself apart from the competition, claims Bloom, by offering exceptional features and capabilities in its machinery. “With the longest and highest reach cranes in the world, Zoomlion provides solutions for challenging construction projects requiring extensive height and reach capabilities. This includes both mobile and tower cranes, allowing for efficient pouring and handling of concrete on construction sites.”

He emphasises that their products are not only competitively priced but also world-class in terms of quality and performance. Through extensive testing and development, Zoomlion has refined its machinery to meet international standards, positioning itself alongside the industry’s top competitors. By dispelling misconceptions, Zoomlion aims to gain trust and recognition as a reliable provider of high-quality equipment.

“Zoomlion actively engages with customers to understand their specific requirements and applications. By collaborating closely with engineers and decision-makers, we can ensure our equipment is precisely tailored to meet construction project needs whether it involves concrete delivery methods or pumping requirements. This approach allows us to provide the right equipment and support.

By providing high-quality equipment that requires minimal maintenance and repair, the brand minimises downtime and maximises operational efficiency for customers. “Our commitment to after-sales support ensures that customers receive timely assistance, further enhancing the overall ownership experience,” says Bloom.

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