Zimbabwe: $500k for Roads Rehab

18 September 2018

Chirumhanzu Rural District Council has embarked on a $500 000 road rehabilitation exercise expected to cover Mvuma urban roads and some parts of the business centre.

The contracted company, Evergreen Construction, has commenced work. Upon completion of the 3,7-km urban highway, the company will then rehabilitate other roads including service ways in the business centre, as well as drainages. In an interview, Chirumhanzu RDC chief executive officer Lovemore Chatikobo said the road rehabilitation exercise could take longer than expected due to funding hiccups.

“We contracted a company called Evergreen and the works are already in motion. However, the project is being slowed down by the slow disbursement of funds from the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara),”said Chatikobo. He added that the 3,7-km road linking Mushaytabvudzi Township and the town is expected to be completed before the onset of the rainy season.

“We have decided to give priority to our main roads which are frequently used by public transport. All in all, we will resurface roads city wide,” he said. Chatikobo said apart from the road rehabilitation programme, the local authority was also clearing drains as well as cleaning up the city. “We will also be clearing our water drainage system to ensure smooth flow of water and avoid floods in the city during the rainy season,” he said.

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