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World Cement Association to hold Virtual Open Day

28 April 2021

The World Cement Association will hold a Virtual Open Day on 2nd June, from 8am to 6pm UK time. The event will be open to all, free of charge, giving attendees the chance to meet the WCA Board, learn about the Professional Committees and the PEGASUS benchmarking project, and above all network with other cement industry professionals.

The Open Day will kick off with WCA CEO Ian Riley welcoming guests, introducing the Association, its Membership benefits and service, followed by a keynote address by Song Zhiping, WCA President.

The event will also feature a keynote speaker on climate change and industrial decarbonisation, as well as sustainability initiatives from across the wider hard-to-abate sector in live sessions and interactive Q&As. There will also be opportunities to listen to presentations on some of the newest cement industry technological developments in a dedicated innovation session.

The day includes an update on WCA’s PEGASUS benchmarking and performance improvement project, an initiative offered to corporate members to close the gap between their own plants and world-class best practice. WCA will present some early insights on the results of the project’s plant evaluations and gap analysis so far, and how this can impact on the path to decarbonisation for our Members. Attendees will also hear current participants’ experiences and feedback on the project.

Attendees will also be able to partake in virtual lounge tables to meet speakers and exhibitors, and to learn more about the role that members are able to play in the Association through their participation in the Board, its Professional Committees and Networks.

“I’m really looking forward to hosting WCA’s Open Day and welcoming a broad audience to discuss the latest industry trends and initiatives, and give participants the chance to network with our Members and global peers” said Ian Riley, WCA CEO. “In particular, I welcome the opportunity for our members and climate partners to share live with the audience the latest environmental and technological innovations in the cement industry.”

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