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Women’s Day 2021 – A Meaningful Dedication

09 August 2021

Concrete Trends acknowledges the deep debt carried in our sector to the women who have been central to its development from the very first.

We acknowledge the tenacity, power and devotion of women. like Thandeka Nombanjinji-Nzama, Managing Director of Mbokodo Buildings, who wisely notes that every policy in every organisation must strive to “normalise the presence of women, the respect of women, and the choice of women owned enterprises in procurement decisions on a daily basis.”

Thandeka Nombanjinji-Nzama, MD, Mbokodo Buildings

We acknowledge the strength, agility and commitment to quality and aesthetic that women like Annemerie Coetzee, Director of Twinstar Precast, who brings home how women bring qualities to the value they deliver that make profound changes to the lives of those around them, but can be overlooked, despite their impact on the bottom line: “My all-time most memorable project was the work we did on closing the Grootvlei mineshafts. The contractor was employed by the Department of Mineral Resources to ensure the safety of the communities around the defunct shafts,” explains Coetzee.

Annemerie Coetzee, Director, Twinstar Precast

Two powerful women, leaders in the construction industry, shaping the our world for the better. This Women’s Day Concrete Trends reminds us to when we look around at the built environment around us, when we walk the pavements, enter shopping and business centres, drive past the industrial structures at the heart of our economy, even as we come home – to think of the women without whom they would not be there.

Concrete Trends is transforming how we see women in our world, re-balancing the focus on who we see, and what we do. This women’s month and beyond. We thank the women who have set out sites this month, and have inspired us to action. Keep coming back to what we have in store this month, as we bring innovations to ‘normalise’ our approach to women.

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