Willow Wood Office Park goes 100% solar

14 December 2018

In a drive to convert the popular Willow Wood Office Park in Fourways, Gauteng, to solar, Heartwood Properties have partnered with SolarSaver, who offer a rent-to-own model that does not require any capital outlay in order to reduce the building’s footprint and save on electricity costs.

All indications are that solar energy is the fastest growing alternative energy industry globally. Its adoption is already impacting the way buildings are planned and constructed. No longer is solar an after-thought, rather it is becoming part of the upfront design of new commercial buildings in a drive to construct properties that are energy efficient and cost-effective in the long term.

Heartwood Properties CEO, John Whall: “We realise the potential of solar, and the great relief it will bring to our tenants who won’t have to rely on Eskom’s failing system or be at the mercy of its exorbitant pricing. Solar is also environmentally friendly and as property developers we must reconsider the impact we have on nature.”

SolarSaver finances roof-top solar installations with a proprietary rent-to-own model. Heartwood has not had to finance any solar equipment, design or installation and only pays for the electricity it uses from the solar system. Offering significant cheaper electricity tariffs than Eskom, and tariff increases capped at CPI inflation, solar installations mean that commercial building tenants benefit from reduced electricity bills. SolarSaver also carry out all repairs and maintenance of the system for the duration of the contract term. State-of-the-art live monitoring equipment is included as part of the installation.

The fourth and final phase of Willow Wood is set for completion in March 2019 and will also include a special landscaping feature and a natural space to escape to during lunch or for impromptu team meetings. On site, employees currently enjoy a fully functioning Pilates studio, coffee shop, 24-hour security, back-up power, basement and shade parking with basement stores available.

More information at  or call John Whall on 082-459 5553.

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