01 July 2024

World Cement Association’s CEO, Ian Riley commentS in response to the Chinese authorities setting specific carbon emission reduction targets for the cement industry:

According to an action plan by the National Development and Reform Commission, from 2024 to 2025, China aims to cut CO2 emissions by 13 million tonnes through industrial upgrades in cement production. China’s cement industry emits around 1.4 billion tonnes of CO2 per year. Demand is expected to decline by 5-10% per year through 2023, so the lower production volumes are forecast to lead to an emission reduction of at least 70 million tonnes per year of CO2. Many Chinese cement companies are investing in improved energy efficiency and increased use of alternative fuels. The announced reduction target of 13 million tonnes in 2025 amounts to 1% of emissions we expect this target to be achieved.”

“The plan stated that by the end of 2030, China’s cement industry is expected to achieve world-class energy efficiency and optimise its energy consumption. According to our ‘Pegasus’ benchmark data, Chinese cement plants are already operating at world-class levels of energy consumption. The one area where China has clear room to improve is in the use of alternative fuels.”

“In a plan released earlier this year, China’s plan aims for half of the cement clinker production in key regions to achieve ultra-low emissions by 2025, and 80% nationwide by 2028. The China Cement industry performance in both NOx and dust emissions is world-leading and has demonstrated what can be done to reduce these emissions. Other countries with serious air pollution problems should take note.”

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