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03 February 2020

Railway signalling units,
batteries and equipment for cell phone towers, security surveillance
electronics, photo-voltaic and wind farms and other high-value support and
back-up equipment are often the target of theft or damage due to their
accessibility. The risk of theft is easily reduced by the installation of
Equipment Shelters from Rocla, South Africa’s leading precast concrete designer
and manufacturer.

Rocla, has in the past,
partnered with entities such as Transnet and South African Railways (SAR) to
provide custom-designed precast concrete security units to house all the
equipment that is required to control the signalling units. These units are
placed alongside the railway track next to the signal units.

The precast concrete Equipment
Shelter is a durable concrete structure that can be custom-designed
to    meet the client’s requirements. The concrete structure is
able to withstand rigorous attempted break-ins that typical brick and mortar
solutions are vulnerable to.

The design team at Rocla ensured
that the unit design was practical for handling and transportation, yet strong
enough to deter possible break-in attempts. Replacement costs of sensitive
equipment is incredibly high, and the Equipment Shelter is a seriously solid
solution to reduce tampering, theft and damage.

Cast in one complete
structure, with a cast-in base, and thick high strength walls, makes the
Equipment Shelter virtually impenetrable. Damage to or entry through walls or
the roof is also reduced due to the use of a very high steel content in the
manufacture of the units.

Each unit has two holes on
either side for handling and installation, a specialised heavy duty door and
sufficient space inside for equipment and movement. These holes will also
provide sufficient ventilation, while still maintaining the security of the
unit, for equipment housed inside.

The Equipment Shelter is a cost-effective and reliable solution that can be applied across a multitude of industries, and manufactured to specifically meet customer’s requirements.

Rocla is part of the ISG which
also includes Technicrete.

Further information is
available from:

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Marketing and Communications Manager

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Group by: SJC Creative

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