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TWINSTAR PRECAST — Custom-made, bespoke precast concrete products

26 September 2021

Twinstar Precast is the industry-leading expert in SA for the design, manufacture, delivery, and placement of custom-made and one-off precast concrete products for construction companies working on projects in the public and private sector, and civil engineering contractors.

With 26 years’ experience in the precast industry, owner-operator Annemerie Coetzee realized that there was a gap in the precast concrete market for custom–made products and once–off items.

In the concrete pipe and manhole market the emphasis is on high volumes. The effort and time required to design and build once-off moulds for bespoke products can only be fully appreciated through hard-won experience. Simply surviving the first attempts requires methodical planning, and eye for optimisation (both budgetary and operationally). More than would to admit to it, many self-styled fabricators have been bruised and burnt underestimating the complexities of custom manufacturing. Proficiency in high-volume, rapid output manufacturing will soon seem rather basic, as the path to profit in custom fabrication reveals why so few have trodden it.

Kerb inlets

The opportunity — the ‘gap in the marker’ — does exist, as demand for custom precast products will always exist. Success in custom manufacturing is itself custom-made. A business based on disruptive production set-ups, highly fluid operating procedures, not to mention the specialised skills and additional supervision so often required contradicts business sense.

Twinstar Precast was founded in 2014 with the express aim of assisting specifying civil engineers and civil engineering contractors with complicated sites and situations where currently available precast concrete products would not work.

The company is solution driven in all aspects of precast concrete. With products ranging in weight from 2kg up to 6 tons, the company is capable of solving almost all precast problems and turning nightmare requirements into a quick and affordable solution.

To date, it is the only company in South Africa specialising in custom-made and one-off precast concrete products, only keeping a few fast-moving products in stock which are standard spec for tenders and drawings.

Twinstar Precast has a unique relationship with mainstream precast concrete companies who pass on referrals and use Twinstar to supply certain non-standard products to keep their clients happy. As far as possible, the company uses small local suppliers and SMMEs, rather than large corporate companies, to transport its products.

Ramp blocks

Marketing is done mostly online, but direct contact is made with specifying engineers to make them aware that their need for custom- made products can be met.

Achievements include manufacturing of polymer products

In 2016, Twinstar Precast assisted a client in successfully closing old mineshafts in Gauteng which were previously closed but could not withstand vandalism, and were rife with illegal mining activities. Twinstar Precast’s mineshaft slabs are still intact, and no illegal activity has been reported since.

In 2018, Twinstar Precast started with in- house manufacturing of polymer products. The risk of theft of products with steel and cast iron components increases daily. These polymer products have no metal components and reduce the safety risk of open manholes as well as the financial implication this has on councils and developers. The company manufactures manhole covers and frames as well as storm water gratings. These components can be bought as a loose item, or casted into the required precast concrete slabs.

In 2012, Annemerie Coetzee was part of the team which received the CMA Award for Excellence in Innovation for her contribution in the design and development of bomb- proof ATM enclosure.

Polymer creations

Twinstar Precast’s manufacturing facility is situated in Olifantsfontein, Gauteng, but deliver anywhere in South Africa. Its crane- mounted trucks can offload the product directly on site. The company also offers a service where the crane-mounted trucks can assist with placing of slabs during installation.

Twinstar Precast (Pty) Ltd

T 012 670 9083

M 082 552 1915

E [email protected]W www.twinstar.co.za

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