20 July 2022

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thyssenkrupp Uhde’s 360° service solutions throughout the entire plant life cycle optimises assets and processes for sustainable productivity and production.

Industry is under increasing pressure to increase production while reducing costs and shrinking their carbon footprint. thyssenkrupp Uhde is perfectly positioned to assist industry in achieving these goals. The company combines over a century of experience with technological know-how to deliver 360° service solutions across the complete life cycle of plants. These end-to-end solutions include feasibility studies, design, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction), asset and parts management, modernisation, revamps, outages and field and workshop services.

“We add value for our customers through these capabilities, by improving their machine reliability and efficiency, increasing plant capacity and reducing emissions,” states Daniel Martinho, Head of Sales at thyssenkrupp Uhde.  “Digitalisation underlines our complete scope of supply. This ensures best practices across the board for complete optimisation of plants in the fertiliser, methanol, refining, petrochemicals, speciality chemicals and coke plant sectors.”

Martinho unpacks the four fields of excellence within thyssenkrupp Uhde’s Integrated Asset Management approach, namely organisation, processes, technologies and engineering. “We can assist customers in setting up a professional and effective organisation that includes an efficient structure, an enabling culture and competent employees. Moreover, in collaboration with our customers, we can create and implement coordinated and cost-effective processes essential for improved plant performance and extended operation.”

thyssenkrupp Uhde applies cutting-edge technologies (the third field of excellence) to monitor the condition of equipment, systems, processes and plant performance.  The digital management of data, data analytics and information via online dashboards provides real-time access, streamlined report-sharing and full process transparency. The added value is the provision of deep process insights by pinpointing influential processes and uncovering potential inefficient process areas. Condition monitoring allows for preventative maintenance, reducing the risk of potential breakdowns and subsequent costly production halts. “Our skilled team also supports customers with professional technical guidance, consulting and auditing services,” says Martinho.

“The fourth Integrated Asset Management field of excellence, our globally renowned engineering capabilities, forms the backbone of the organisation. Here we add great value by giving customers access to this one-of-a- kind knowledge.”

Operation and Maintenance Contracts also form part of thyssenkrupp Uhde’s Integrated Asset Management approach. Services include remote site inspections using software such as Plant Scan 3D and Professional Spare Part Navigator (PSPN). “We also apply laser/scanning technology and drones to conduct remote plant inspections,” notes Martinho. “We have over a decade of experience in scanning technology, which forms part of our EPC offering for conversion, revamp and modification projects.”

thyssenkrupp Uhde’s Revamp and Outage services include engineering studies, debottlenecking, capacity extensions, supervision and execution as well as shutdown management. Martinho adds that their capabilities also extend to custom-tailored upgrade of assets. “We offer our customers Performance Contracts as part of our Performance Optimisation services. We assist customers with product quality enhancement, energy consumption optimisation and raw materials and emissions reduction.”

Moving on to thyssenkrupp Uhde’s Field and Workshop services, Martinho says that this offering includes technical inspections, repairs and field support, workshop services as well as operator and maintenance training courses. “Our in-depth product know-how enables us to offer professional parts supply including wear components,” adds Martinho.

He wraps up: “Our 360° service narrative underlines our customer value proposition of supporting them across their complete plant life cycle. The ultimate objective is to help our customers achieve plant efficiency and optimisation for lowest total cost of ownership.”

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