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The best construction training for leading building contractor

03 May 2023

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The training that Central Development Projects’ (CDP) many bricklayers, plasterers and tilers are receiving from Tjeka Training Matters will significantly raise the contractor’s already-high standard of workmanship.

Moreover, this training supports CDP’s core values of uplifting people and improving lives across its entire operational footprint, including employees, sub-contractors and clients. The contractor sources as much as 50% of all its labour for its construction projects from the areas surrounding its projects. By participating in CDP’s projects, individuals are being equipped with the skills that they need to secure employment or become successful construction entrepreneurs.

Tjeka Training Matters was appointed to provide this training based on its solid track record equipping many building contractors’ teams with the skills that they need to perform at their peak.

CDP is the building contracting arm of the Cosmopolitan Projects and Central Developments Property Group, a leading developer of quality residential property in Gauteng. The company also develops education and commercial facilities within its developments.

One of the largest privately-owned construction companies in the country, CDP delivers about 6 000 houses and apartments per year. This includes affordable housing (2 500 units); retirement properties (500 units); sectional title townhouses (600 units;, and apartments (1 500 – 2 000).

The company has also built 13 retirement estate lifestyle facilities; three schools; a 12 000 m2 shopping centre; and more than 1 500 self-storage units to date.

“CDP’s sub-contracting teams are receiving the best training in various building trades. They are striving for zero defects by equipping their construction teams with the skills that they need to perform at optimal levels. This, in turn, will improve the company’s productivity and efficiencies on its work sites and ensure that it delivers quality assets that continue to add value over their entire lifecycle,” Frans Toua, Chief-Executive Officer of Tjeka Training Matters, says.

Bricklaying training is currently being undertaken at the company’s work sites in Wolmer and Kiepersol in Tshwane and Protea Glen in Soweto.

This training, which consists of theoretical instruction and demonstrations, is in line with the National Home Building Registration Council’s guidelines for best building practice and the Department of Public Works’ Contractor Development Programme.

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