Tanzania: World Bank shows interest in financing Tanga Airport

07 February 2018

World Bank (WB) has shown interest in financing the rehabilitation and upgrading of Tanga Airport in response to the growing business opportunities in the region, the government has revealed.The Deputy Minister for Works, Transport and Communications, Atashasta Nditie said the government was in talks with the WB before reaching an agreement on the matter.According to Mr Nditie, the Tanga Airport would be rehabilitated so it can handle up to 70-seater ATR72 aircraft models to meet increasing business opportunities that will come with the planned Uganda-Tanzania Crude Oil Pipeline, cement factories, Amboni Caves and Saadani National Park.

“Until now, talks are ongoing with World Bank and the government. Project reports are being reviewed and prepared before an agreement is finally signed,” said Nditie.He added that the project would also include opening up the airport site by linking it with roads.  The actual airport upgrading would also include an aircraft hangar, a modern waiting lounge, lights on the runway and aircraft controller machines.


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