09 April 2024

Caption: Boris Miksic receives special recognition for 50 years’ dedicated work at NACE-International.

Boris Miksic, a Croatian-American entrepreneur and owner of Cortec Corporation, has received special recognition for 50 years of dedicated work at NACE-International, the largest global organiSation focusing on developing standards for corrosion prevention. Cortec is a global corrosion inhibitor manufacturer and a leader in green corrosion protection technologies. This valuable recognition confirms Miksic as one of the leading global experts in the field of VCI/VpCI corrosion inhibitors. Patented Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors are revolutionary technology that simplifies corrosion protection and is ideal for keeping enclosed void spaces such as packages, equipment internals, or structural metal cavities, corrosion-free. This technology is designed to save time, money and offer more thorough, reliable, and easier-to-use protection than a variety of other metals preservation strategies.

From modest beginnings in Hugo, Minnesota, Cortec grew into the world’s leader in VpCI/MCI corrosion protection technology. With its 9 plants, warehouses, and laboratories, Cortec is the world’s largest producer of VCI, VpCI, and MCI products and services. It operates in over 100 countries and is the world’s largest privately held company involved in corrosion and environmental protection.

“I have dedicated my life to developing new green technologies in the corrosion industry, and this award is a great honor. All my investments have a sustainability focus, and my vision from the beginning was to develop environmentally safe solutions. Our plants operate on the circular economy principle, and we recently started utilizing our energy resources by installing solar power plants,” says Miksic. “Most of our products are bio-based and recyclable. We reprocess them in-house, significantly reducing the amount of waste for disposal. This is how we demonstrate not only responsibility towards our customers but also toward our communities. For me, this is equally important.

Green Production Complex in Croatia

In the early 2000s, Mikšić launched production in his home country Croatia, which experienced significant expansion. Today, Croatian plants supply not only Europe but also a large part of Asia. Boris Miksic is very pleased with how business is developing in Europe: “EcoCortec- our sustainable, solar-powered production complex, located in the green fields of the Baranja region, made Croatia one of the central points in Europe for manufacturing and exporting green corrosion inhibitors worldwide,” he states.

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