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02 July 2021

Evergreen Lifestyle Village in Noordhoek, Cape Town, boasts extensive paved areas, using six different pavers, all supplied by CEL Paving Products – a member of the Concrete Manufacturer’s Association.

With 96 two-bedroom apartments and a lifestyle centre, the paved areas include: 6 700m² of driveways and parking areas; a 3 500m² parking basement; 1 500m² of walkways; and smaller areas of flower-bed edging and road signage markers.

CEL’s De Hoop Matt Brown paver was used for flower-bed edging.

Completed in February 2021, the driveways and parking areas were paved with CEL’s hard-wearing 70mm Brownstone Course Exposed Interlocker which rest on 150mm subbase comprising recycled concrete in a G5 format.

Grey Interlockers, 60mm thick, were used for the parking basement which was completed in November 2020, again using the recycled G5 concrete for a 150mm subbase. In addition 50mm Charcoal Bond Pavers were used for the demarcation of parking bays.

With Lave Cobble Paver was inserted to create maintenance free road signage

The centre’s walkways were paved with 50mm Fine Charcoal Exposed pavers on a subbase comprising a 150mm subbase of G5 material.

CEL’s 73mm De Hoop Matt Brown paver makes up the flower bed edging in the driveways and parking sections and its 70mm White Lava Cobble paver was inserted to create maintenance-free road signage markers in the same areas.

“We crushed some of the recycled concrete material on site with one of our mobile crushers, to the G5 specification and the remainder was imported from our plant ,” said Gilles Allies, contracts manager GLC Civils, the project’s civil engineering contractor. “We specified CEL pavers because their quality is exceptional and are generally readily available. If not, a plan is always made to assist and produce the quantities we require. Moreover, their Brownstone Course Exposed Interlocker is embedded with natural stone which adds a natural look and feel to the property.”

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