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07 August 2023

Written by Jan de Beer on behalf of the Cement & Concrete SA (CCSA).

Bryan Perrie, CEO of Cement & Concrete SA (CCSA), has been made a Fellow of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE).

An international authority on concrete pavements, Perrie holds an MSc in civil engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand, is a Fellow of the South African Academy of Engineering, a member of the Institute of Concrete Technology in the UK, and an Honorary Member – as well as past vice-president – of the International Society for Concrete Pavements, which has its head office in the USA.

Perrie has served Cement and Concrete SA and its predecessors for over 38 years and has been the CEO for the last 15 years. He was previously a board member of the Concrete Society of Southern Africa, and is a past president of the South African Road Federation.

He has authored several books on concrete floors and concrete roads, written sections for various editions of Fulton’s Concrete Technology, and penned many papers – primarily on concrete pavements – for publication and presentation at local and international seminars, conferences and symposia.

Fellows of SAICE are corporate members of the Institution who have achieved appropriate recognition in the civil engineering profession or the Institution. The honour is bestowed on persons who are considered to have significantly contributed to the engineering profession, displayed substantial responsibility and initiative in the practice of civil engineering, and have considerable professional experience.

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