13 March 2024

At the annual Partners Breakfast hosted by the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE), in Midrand, CEO Sekadi Phayane-Shakhane called for collaborative efforts and strategic partnerships to address the pressing challenges facing the infrastructure sector.

“In the face of uncertainty, our vision remains clear: to promote growth, excellence, and sustainability in civil engineering,” she added, as these were critical factors needed to make a positive impact on the industry and the economy.

Phayane-Shakhane’s address also focused on SAICE’s strategic priorities for 2024.

“I am heartened by the shared commitment to advancing civil engineering in South Africa. Amidst the challenges we face, maintaining a spirit of hope and expectation will be crucial in overcoming obstacles and driving sustainable growth.”

She said that SAICE is committed to promoting growth, excellence, and sustainability in civil engineering and highlighted the importance of collaboration, effective mentorship, and advocacy in shaping the industry’s future.

 The SAICE Partners Breakfast was attended by SAICE members, industry leaders, partners and stakeholders, including other industry organisations. The event provided a platform for engaging discussions and strategic insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

The event commenced with opening remarks from Friedrich Slabbert, whose candid acknowledgment of the multitude of events and achievements in 2023 resonated with attendees, emphasising the need to recognise and appreciate the collective contributions of partners and stakeholders.

Reflecting on the successes and challenges of the past year, Slabbert invoked the metaphor of ‘keys to a successful marriage’, drawing parallels between partnership dynamics and the collaborative efforts within the civil engineering community.

He underscored the importance of regular communication and expressed gratitude to partners for their invaluable support, which has enabled SAICE to achieve positive financial outcomes and execute impactful initiatives. “We cannot overlook the significance of our partners’ contributions. Their commitment fuels our mission and enables us to deliver value to our members and the broader community.”

The event also showcased a keynote address from Pat Mahlangu, founder of the Lerato Agency, and this segment was sponsored by Infrachamps Consulting.

The SAICE Partners Breakfast served as a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and innovation, laying the groundwork as one of the initiatives from the organisation for collective action and progression in the civil engineering sector.

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