Rwanda to receive US $214m for Nyabarongo II Dam project

24 February 2020

Rwanda has received a concessional loan of US $214m from the Exim Bank of China for the implementation of the Nyabarongo II multipurpose dam project. This is after an agreement was signed between the Rwandan government and the bank.

Nyabarongo II multi-purpose dam

Nyabarongo II multi-purpose dam is a concrete gravity dam built on the Nyabarongo River between the districts of Gakenke and Kamonyi in southwestern Rwanda. The dam will be bordered by a 48m high wall with a crest length of 228m.

At the foot of the dam, the Chinese company Sinohydro will build a hydropower plant. The water released from the reservoir will turn the turbines to produce 43.5MW of electricity. The project also includes the construction of a substation, as well as the creation of a 110kV transmission line over a distance of 19.2km to connect the plant to the Rulindo substation.

Economic benefits

The Nyabarongo II dam will supply water to Rwanda’s southwestern irrigation systems. The dam is also expected to mitigate the perpetual flooding downstream of the Nyabarongo River.

According to Rao Hongwei the Chinese ambassador to Rwanda the project will generate electricity, create employment opportunities, improve irrigation and transform swamps into arable land over an area of 20,000 hectares.

He further added that, the project is financed by the largest preferential loan ever granted by the Chinese government to the Rwandan government. Sinohydro has five years to deliver the Nyabarongo II dam and hydropower plant.

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