Repair and protection of concrete structures

13 July 2022

Supplied by Master Builders Construction Chemicals Solutions

Buildings and infrastructure can last for years, notwithstanding the damage they receive from natural elements, vandalism and poor maintenance. Concrete is a highly durable and versatile substance but like all building material, over time it is prone to wear and tear.

Concrete repair contractors work hard to maintain these concrete structures, ensuring that they will be around for many more years to come. Whether the damage is minimal or large, Master Builders Construction Chemicals Solutions (MBCC) provides not just products, but a ‘solution’ for concrete’s repair and protection.

Jon-Pierre Mathee says: “We do rehabilitation in the case of spoiling structural or non-structural concrete. Whether vertical or horizontal, we have fit-for-purpose systems. Any sort of on-site conditions can require some form of concrete repair. We have a range of composite strengthening systems including carbon fibre wraps. In instances where you cannot add anything on to the load of a building, this system is lighter but 20 times stronger than conventional reinforcing systems, though it is admittedly expensive. We also have laminate systems which can support spans between two columns.

“We have concrete repair systems for anything from fixing a concrete wall to large voids of 100mm to 200mm thick in concrete which need to be filled. When an engineer makes a recommendation, we will then match their need with one of our functional, fit-for-purpose solutions.

Master Builders Solutions’ range of MasterEmaco repair mortars are formulated to resist cracking and to be compatible with the parent concrete of the structure. MasterEmaco products deliver excellent performance due to our understanding of the chemistry involved in the hardening of cementitious products and the incorporation of the latest advances in hydration control. Master Builders Solutions combines these advanced repair products with MasterProtect anti carbonation coatings, protective coatings and passive cathodic protection to create systems that help to reinstate the building’s original design characteristics and prevent further degradation. Our portfolio also includes sound solutions for rehabilitation of wharves, bridges, roads, tunnels, buildings as well as sewers and water retaining structures.

Master Builders Solutions Polymer based injection resin systems are designed for the repairing and sealing of cracks in concrete. Our Masterlnject epoxy resins for structural crack repair are often used in conjunction with our MasterBrace or MasterEmaco products. The Masterlnject polyurethane and MasterSeal acrylic injection resins are chosen for the control of active water infiltration and are used in conjunction with our MasterSeal waterproofing products.

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