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Reconditioned parts cost effective alternative

02 July 2020

Cummins ReCon Parts are not just repaired or rebuilt, but are remanufactured to meet or exceed your engine’s original specifications for performance, reliability and durability. ReCon Parts also include the latest upgrades, thereby ensuring that customers always have access to the latest technology, according to Marco Gouveia, Parts Marketing Lead Southern Africa.

“The old parts that customers return to us that actually have some value in their core are remanufactured. Our rigorous remanufacturing process commences with an initial inspection to ensure it still meets standards and can be remanufactured. It is then stripped out completely, machine-cleaned, and recalibrated to ensure it still meets our exact specifications,” Gouveia explains. “When customers buy Cummins ReCon Parts, they are not merely replacing old or worn-out components, but have the latest developments built in, thereby gaining additional benefit.”

The major benefit for customers is that they are immediately issued with a replacement ReCon Part upon returning it

Gouveia highlights that Cummins is to be able to offer its customers two options, namely new or ReCon components, with the latter being a particularly cost-effective option. ReCon Parts typically include water, fuel, and lubrication pumps, as well as injectors and turbochargers. “We have quite an extensive range of ReCon Parts, in addition to certain engine platforms where we offer factory reconditioned engines with exactly the same warranty as new ones.”

The major benefit for customers is that they are immediately issued with a replacement ReCon Part upon returning it. All fast-moving items are available off-the-shelf throughout Cummins’ extensive distribution network for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, particularly as any downtime is minimised.

“Cummins has a very extensive network of dealers and distributors, not only in South Africa, but across the world. We have about 6 500 outlets, which means a customer with a broken component just has to visit the closest authorised Cummins dealer or service partner to have the condition of the part assessed quickly and easily, and ensure that the correct replacement component is provided to replace it in the shortest space possible,” Gouveia elaborates.

ReCon Parts include the latest upgrades so customers have access to the latest technology

Customers do not have to return items, and then wait for them to be refurbished and returned. They simply bring in their core items for evaluation, and are issued with a ReCon Part straightaway. In those instances where the component is too damaged to be used as a core for refurbishment, customers then have the option of buying either ReCon Parts or Cummins Genuine Parts.

Cummins has been promoting its ReCon Parts programme with great success in South Africa for the past 20 to 30 years, in order to be able offer maximum value-add and customer service. A major feature of the programme is that Cummins offers a market-leading warranty. Typically, competitors offer a refurbished part with a six-month to one-year warranty. Cummins, on the other hand, not only offers a one-year warranty on the component, but also covers any progressive damage that may occur.

This means that if the ReCon Part in question actually causes an engine to fail, Cummins does not just replace the component, but will repair any damage that may have been caused by the faulty component. Here the warranty covers parts, labour, and any additional components and consumables.

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