21 November 2023

This is Part 2 of a two-part article on the celebration of a half-century of dedicated service by Putzmeister South Africa. This prominent equipment supplier in the construction and mining sectors, marked its 50th anniversary with a grand event in Honeydew, Roodepoort. The festivities not only commemorated this impressive milestone but also paid homage to the company’s rich history, numerous accomplishments, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

People make the difference:

Amid machinery and projects, it is the human element that has truly set Putzmeister South Africa apart. The resolute employees, donned in their signature Putzmeister shirts during this special occasion, transcend the roles of colleagues and epitomises a well-honed team striving for excellence.  This team has played pivotal roles in steering the company toward its present successes.

Valued clients:

Putzmeister South Africa’s success would not have been possible without the steadfast trust and support of its clients. These clients are not mere customers; they are visionary leaders; trailblazers and pioneers within their respective fields. Their accomplishments stand as a testament to their unwavering vision, determination, and trust in Putzmeister South Africa.

Founder’s message:

Putzmeister’s  founder, Karl Schlecht also made an appearance at this momentous occasion via Video, congratulating Putzmeister South Africa on their remarkable work over the past 50 years and wishing them well for all their future endeavors. Although no longer directly involved with the Putzmeister global company, Schlecht continues to hold Putzmeister South Africa close to his heart as he remembered their humble beginnings. In his address, the message underscored the significance of Putzmeister’ s proficiency in fostering trust and innovation within the building, construction, and mining sectors. This trust extends beyond the realm of product excellence, encompassing the pivotal role played by the company’s dedicated personnel in establishing and nurturing relationships with clients.

Looking to the future:

As Putzmeister South Africa looks to the future, their dedication to achieving greatness remains steadfast. Their aim is to consistently push the boundaries of innovation, inspire excellence, and redefine the possibilities within their industry. Putzmeister South Africa represents more than just a corporate entity; it embodies a legacy of achievement and stands as a testament to their visionary approach and unwavering commitment.

At the core of their organisational principles, you find a set of foundational values that include openness, honesty, trust, respect, integrity, and a culture of continuous learning. These values serve as the solid foundation upon which they have constructed their success. Their unwavering devotion to these principles acts as the propelling force driving them toward their overarching objective of elevating satisfaction across all hierarchical levels, diverse cultural backgrounds, and geographical boundaries.

This comprehensive commitment is expected to be a vital chapter in their journey towards attaining success. Collectively, they remain resolute in their mission to scale new heights and transform the future of their industry.

Final toast:

The celebration culminated with a quote from Friedrich Alfred Krupp: “Started small, dealt with difficulties, strived for great things.”

The success of Putzmeister South Africa over the past five decades was attributed to its customer-centric approach, unwavering team spirit, high-quality product offerings, and a resolute commitment to innovation.

The event concluded with a lucky draw, where a fortunate winner was awarded a trip to visit the Putzmeister head office factory in 2024. In a thoughtful gesture, attendees received special commemorative crafted beer and engraved beer mugs, memorialising Putzmeister South Africa’s 50 years of service to the industry.

A bright future:

The event concluded with heartfelt gratitude for all who participated in celebrating Putzmeister South Africa’s 50th anniversary. Their presence warmed the hearts of the company, and they were wholeheartedly welcomed to continue being part of the journey that has been the cornerstone of Putzmeister South Africa’s remarkable success. Here’s to the next 50 years of Pumping Perfection!


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