Two new registration categories for building inspectors were officially launched on December 1, under the South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP).

According to registrar Butcher Matutle, the protection of the public from substandard building practices, as well as boosting the professionalism of building inspectors within the built environment, “are key outcomes for this registration category”.

He added that the SACPCMP was “very encouraged” by the positive response it had received from representatives comprising the built environment, media and building inspectors.

The new registration categories – for Professional Building Inspector (PrBInsp) and Certified Building Inspector (CBInsp) – were developed by a task team that included representatives from government, academia and the public sector.

Prior to the establishment of this task team, months of industry-related research pertaining to building inspectors’ scope of work, responsibilities, risks and more was undertaken by the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC). 

Under the recommendation of the Council for the Built Environment (CBE), the SACPCMP was put forth as the most preferable council or authority to manage the registration of building inspectors within the country.

“The council presented a nationwide roadshow, [starting] in September, and the response was incredible,” Matutle enthused.

He added that practitioners from across South Africa had attended sessions that outlined the requirements and benefits of the registration process, and attendees were given the opportunity to ask questions regarding the new categories.

A scope of work for each category was also gazetted and the SACPCMP “methodically ensured” that all relevant queries from the gazetted call-for-comment, as well as the roadshow, were addressed.

Matutle added that registration aimed to provide a foundation for the professionalisation of building inspectors within the country and help to further the legitimisation of this occupational practice.

The move to offer building inspectors the chance to enhance their reputation for credibility, efficiency and authority within the overall construction management family of professions, is seen as one of the many benefits of the new registration category, according to Matutle.

Online registration officially opened to the public from 05:00 on December 1.