Helderfontein Outfall Sewer nears completion

11 February 2020 Construction of the R12 million Helderfontein Outfall Sewer, situated in Riverside close to Fourways is nearing completion. The construction of this outfall sewer will result in the unlocking of a new development and become a major part of the infrastructure for the area. This will create economic growth and is a catalyst for further development and job creation for local communities.

Icon Group was contracted in July 2019 by Century Property Developers to carry out the development with completion scheduled for February 2020. On completion of the project Century Property Developers will hand the outfall sewer to Joburg Water. This pipeline will become the main line for the area and form part of the main infrastructure for the area allowing Century Property to start the development of Phase 2 of the Helderfontein upmarket housing estate on the Northern side of the Jukskei River.

With their large range of inhouse construction equipment and experience in large dam pipelines, Icon Group made use of various ecological construction methods to prevent flooding and protect the ecology of this sensitive area. The company made use of a restricted method for clearing of the site minimizing damage to the sensitive environment and where necessary relocated trees.

Wayne Neary, Managing Director of Icon stated, “This very sensitive site runs along the flood plain of the Jukskei River and during excavation we had to be conscious of how we approached this job in order to protect the flood line and ensure that there was no damage to the surrounding environment.”

The pipe being used is spigot and socket HDPE sewer pipe that is light weight and durable with a longer lifespan than traditional concrete sewer pipes. The use of HTPE plastic pipe that is more cost effective, easer to install and better product has resulted in reduced maintenance and a longer life span for the project. In addition, these pipes are lighter to transport resulting in a lower carbon footprint for the project. This 8-month project included the excavation and laying of 3km of 500dia HDPE pipeline, backfilling of the line, construction of 53 manholes and the excavation and backfill of 10 000 cm³. 

The substantial amount of rock at depths of up to 7m during excavation proved challenging but the use of Icon’s new hydraulic hammers proved effective in the conditions resulting in minimal blasting being required on site. Icon’s hydraulic hammers allow precision rock breaking without over breaking and wastage.


Wayne Neary, Managing Director

ICON Group

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