Konecranes South Africa can supply overhead cranes and support equipment to customer requirements while still utilising standardised components through their ‘configure-to-order’ (CTO) crane design system and our range of CXT wire rope hoists.

Most of the lifting equipment design parameters specified by the customer can be digitally configured by the Konecranes engineers, thereby enabling a quicker turn-around from design to delivery.

Konecranes SA MD, Emil Berning said “Overhead cranes do not necessarily require specially designed parts and can be configured from pre-designed packages. With specially tailored girder designs and trolley configurations the CXT can fit into all kinds of buildings and lift almost any load up to 80 tons.

“The CTO process offers customers a more cost-efficient asset investment. The design time is reduced due to the utilisation of standard design parameters and criteria. Due to the fact that the manufacturing and assembly processes utilise standard design elements and components it eliminates, for example, the need for rigorous safety, design and performance testing and accreditation that would be associated with equipment that has been engineered to order and requiring specially manufactured elements”, he explained.

The Konecrane CTO process offers a shorter lead time, a quicker delivery to the customer, and site commissioning in a matter of days. Financial savings can also be achieved due to the seamless CTO process.

Konecranes appoints a project manager for each overhead crane order that shadows the entire process from order to delivery and will conduct Factory Acceptance Tests to ensure your CXT works as it should and Site Acceptance Tests on the new crane once it is in-situ.

As the components being used in the design have already been certified and approved, the customer is assured of a safe and compliant lifting equipment being constructed.

Konecranes is globally recognised for their continued investment in to the development of advanced technologies for their lifting businesses.

More information from Rischard Roughly,     NewTechnology.za@konecranes.com