Construction chemicals and solutions provider Mapei South Africa released the new Dynamon MS 100 acrylic-based admixture product earlier this year for use in concrete where there are variable-quality aggregates.

The admixture prevents variations in the quality of aggregates, particularly in poor-quality aggregates, from significantly affecting the characteristics of the concrete.

“Aggregates are one of the critical factors in designing the concrete. Poor-quality aggregates affect not only the quality of concrete but also impact negatively on the costs,” states Mapei GM Antony Offenberg.

He says a significant problem with poor-quality aggregates is that they limit the amount of water that can be reduced during concrete production when using a traditional water-reducing add-on.

“The Dynamon MS 100 product works across all cement, which is one of its main features. It is generally used in conjunction with a superplasticiser, or a water-reducing complementary product that is used for high-strength concrete. It’s practically a bridging product to allow for higher-end, water-reducing products to be implemented in the concrete mix, when poor-quality or absorptive aggregates must be used.”

Although there would be an additional cost for the product, the higher-quality concrete –despite the low-quality aggregates – compensates for this, adds Offenberg.

Dynamon MS 100 was initially developed in Italy, and the concept was modified for use with aggregates in South Africa.

He also highlights that Dynamon MS 100 accommodates a range of cement types that have different hydration rates, and allows for a range of superplasticisers to be used in conjunction with it.

Offenberg states that the variations in South African cement, compared with those of European countries, did pose a challenge during the R&D for Dynamon MS 100, particularly as South African cements are generally milled more finely, compared with those of European countries.

The product was showcased during a technical seminar held at the Mapei Academy at the company’s Roodekop facility where training is provided in the correct specification and application of the wide range of product solutions.

“From waterproofing to adhesives, any product solution is only successful if correctly applied,” states Mapei marketing manager Geoffrey Green.

“We also have applied training for applicator status, where people spend one or two days learning the technical nuances of the specific products –it is a focus area for us. It’s no good having a quality product if people don’t know how to work with it and apply it. Training and upskilling from our side are fundamental,” he states.

Mapei will focus on expanding the training and marketing events around the country in the next year to the extent that it will offer not only the Cape Town seminars but also product design and implementation workshops. More information will be shared in the near future.