Introducing The Commander

ProAll, the industry leading mobile mixer manufacturer, will be revealing the Commander, their all-new control system at the World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas from February 1st to 5th, 2016.

With the Commander, automated functions and a digital interface give unprecedented control, accuracy, and consistency. For the first time, elements of a mix are precision measured several times a second, and auto-controlled by a cutting edge PLC (programmable logic controller) hydraulic system.

Unlike any other mixer in the world, with the Commander all functions of a Reimer Mixer are now integrated, including belt speed, water, and cement. “This new setup removes a large human error factor that exists with other volumetric mixers,” says ProAll Vice President Steve Fillmore. “Once you choose your mix specifications, nothing will change”. Operators have total command of fully digital controls on one dashboard. All mix measurements are displayed together on one screen where production can be tracked in real-time and warning messages will appear if mix proportions are incorrect.

All of the above features of the new-look Reimer Mixer are exclusive to ProAll, and never before seen with any mobile mixing technology.“The way an operator now pours concrete with our mixer is unparalleled. It’s a more capable, more functional, more precise, and a more responsive mixing experience,” explains Fillmore. “With the Commander, the Reimer Mixer is without a doubt the most high-performance mobile mixer in the world.”

For more information Contact:

Brett Fillmore
ProAll International Manufacturing Inc.
403-335-9500 ext. 713