Productivity up by 17%, noise levels down by 75% – Atlas Copco Surface Rock Drills rock!

23 September 2020

“Atlas Copco’s new Surface Rock Drills, the SRD range, is everything you want from a tool – reliability, efficiency, minimum maintenance, rapid service and low operating costs,” says Atlas Copco Power Technique’s Business Line Manager for Portable Products, David Stanford.

Owing to an ergonomic design, these powerful pneumatic rock drills are light-weight, versatile and easy-to-handle, getting the job done seamlessly, productively and safely. Engineered to perform optimally even under the toughest of working environments, these robust tools are ideal for drilling and breaking applications in construction and quarrying. Fitted with eco-friendly power packs, several drills can be conveniently and cost-effectively operated with a single compressor.

Thanks to the smart Solid / Single Body design, the pneumatic tools which are available in 20kg and 25kg versions, boast a world-class power-to-weight ratio making them well-balanced for easy, comfortable operation. The solid housing eliminates leakages and increases cylinder lifecycle while fewer moving parts means less wear. In addition, these one-piece machines are easy to assemble and disassemble, facilitating service and maximising up time.

The SRDs are equipped with Assisted Flushing Technology which is activated by opening the flashing valve to allow an additional flow of compressed air through a pathway in the cylinder to flush the drill hole while operating. “This technology can improve productivity by up to 17%!” notes Stanford.

Stanford draws attention to Atlas Copco’s a zero-compromise approach when it comes to operator safety and comfort, stressing that Atlas Copco places operators at the core of its tool design. The two-step SOFTSTART™ trigger gives operators full control enabling them to start a cut with surgical precision even under difficult conditions.  In addition, these tools are HAPS™ (Hand and Arm Protection Systems) enabled which lessens the impact of vibrations, making it possible to extend working hours up to six-fold.

In order to further shrink vibration and wear, the tool’s piston switches on air-cushions on both ends of the cylinder, almost fully eliminating metal-to-metal contact when working off-load. The vibration level of the SRD 25 is 50% lower compared to previous generation tools.

Atlas Copco has developed a pneumatic dust collector to protect operators from the large amounts of silica dust produced during drilling and breaking. Powered by compressed air and utilising vacuum technology, the dust collector efficiently removes dust directly at the source, maintaining levels below the permissible exposure limit. The semi-automatic filter cleaning mechanism requires minimal maintenance, the dust collector consumes no more than 12 litres of air per second and its recyclable collection bags will last for an 8-hour shift. The unit is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

High noise levels can affect an operator’s hearing and lead to fatigue. Atlas Copco has developed an improved wear-resistant polyurethane silencer that diminishes the noise levels of the SRDs by up to 75%. “This equates to a 2dB reduction in noise which makes a substantial difference, especially when several drills are operating simultaneously.” Atlas Copco supports the SRD handheld pneumatic tool range with a professional after-sales service portfolio that includes high-quality Air Line accessories such as air hoses, hose nipples, couplings, water separators and Air Oil lubricants.

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